Woman said to have been fired by wishing happy Christmas to

A woman who lives in Pensacola, Florida, claims to have been fired from his job by wishing happy Christmas to customers who spoke on the phone. The company that employed, however, denies the accusations and says the resignation was caused by bad work that the woman provided. The company rents homes for the holiday period.
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Tonia Thomas, 35, was not "good party" to customers, as suggested by their employer. Instead, the Panamanian wanted a "Merry Christmas" to people who talk.

After the resignation, it opened a case accusing the company of religious discrimination - in action, she seeks financial compensation. "Kept my Christian values and I refused to join other values. All I wanted was like a happy Christmas, "he said.

The company Counts-Oakes Resorts Properties denies that this was the reason for dismissal. "We are Christians and celebrate the Christmas," said Andy Phillips, chairman of the company. "Thomas was a bad employee," said Philips to justify the dismissal, which occurred on December 10.

The woman had found another job, but it earns less than $ 10.50 per hour, which was the amount paid by the company's rent.

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