wife is cheating on me

Anybody tried something similar?

Our SMS Trap: Read other people’s SMS easily online!
They argue:
If you want to check out and keep a spy eye on your partner mobile for seeing incoming and outgoing SMS, then here is a useful software which lets you do this easily.
SMS Trap is something that never fails to help you get your partner off guard. This software will make reading other people’s SMS as easy as ABC. Ready for it ?
All you have to do to start using our service is following three easy steps:
1. Get registered at our site
2. Download the special program
3. Setup it at the cell phone of your partner , THAT’S IT !
As soon as you are done with this, you will be able to see both the outcoming and the incoming SMS messages at their site, inside your account area. You will be able to read them ALL ! Try it
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