Why do so many African-American women wear weaves, wigs, perms, or dyed hair?

What’s your point in asking this question? What is your point in writing these comments? No one cares that you’re not attracted to Black women. Personally, I’m not attracted to blue people. There. I’ve said it. I also am not attracted to people who don’t have faces with no facial features. It just looks odd.

Black women wear wigs for the same reasons WHITE women wear wigs. To change their hairstyle. You’ve got in your head that we hate our hair when many of our wigs and human hair extensions actually match our hair texture.

Russian wigs are a HUGE HIT WITH WHITE WOMEN. I KNOW THESE THINGS. I run a hair blog that gets thousands of hits and many of my readers are white women who want nice wigs to wear.My hair! This was well over a year ago. My hair is much longer.
Most of us wear wigs because it PROTECTS our strands. Black hair is known to be more fragile and breaks easily when over styled and manipulated. So, wearing wigs has ALWAYS protected my hair and helped retained my length. If you knew anything about Black women, you’d know that.
Our hair can stay braided like this for upwards of six weeks.

Our hair curls beautifully and STAYS for DAYS.
We are not ashamed of our hair. We love our brazilian virgin remy hair. Our hair can do things that your hair can’t. I don’t need gel to stick my hair straight up. Just a brush. You need super strength gel to make your hair do what ours does naturally. Our hair can easily be braided and STAY that way. Your hair will start to get loose. Our hair dreads easily and looks great.

I was so confused when he said that black women wanted to be white, then continued that he could not find African women attractive. Like what a fucking leap! He definitely just wanted to throw that in there, quite randomly in fact.
As if all women of the world are waiting at his beck and call with notepads like “ok, so what do you not like about me, and what can I do to be more attractive to you”
Ughh! People like this make me want to give out free slaps.
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