What is Malaysian Virgin Hair?

When come to hair extension area you may get close to many types of hair extension products such as Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, India hair, Malaysian hair. You may get confused like me. What are they? What is different among them? Today we will take one of type of them for example, we will discuss something about Malaysian Virgin Hair
Malaysian Virgin Hair is one of type of hair extension or weave that is popular on the hair extension market alongside with Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair n a short period of time. This hair extension itself was invented by an American hairdresser names Christina Jenkins according to a report from well known hair -style magazine. When it comes to weave the source of the hair is a very important consideration because the features and characteristics including texture and lustre can be peculiar to each type of virgin hair.Malaysian Hair is extremely sought after natural texture and a very popular choice among young people all over the world. Malaysian hair has an extremely gorgeous feel and is smooth and shiny, but not devilishly shiny. The hair luster is low. In general, it is very dark brown and close to black, with some parts of bundles may have lighter ends. Malaysian Hair blends very well with most hair types including African and American.
Key Characteristics of Malaysian Virgin Hair
Long curl life. Curls are long-lasting and don’t require extra products in order to maintain them.
Extremely silky and soft. with high natural luster, This is a very prominent characteristic
Low maintenance. Because of its density, Malaysian remy hair extensions need less washing compared to other kinds of virgin hair, and can be reused over and over again while retaining its softness, smoothness, and fullness of texture.
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