What-Is-It Solved

Please click on this image for a larger view of this thing.

As noted here yesterday, the above body is on display as a “Chupacabras” in Dave’s Pawn Shop in downtown El Paso, Texas.

The origins of the What-Is-It? that rests comfortably in that pawn shop has been solved. It is a creative taxidermy piece produced by Sarina Brewer, an artist well-known for her rogue creations. The following photographs, from her Custom Creature Taxidermy website, is her “Chupacabra” (sic), showing all its angles.

Thanks to research conducted by a Cryptomundo reader Robert Dolan, in revealing this obvious connection.

Sarina Brewer is an internationally recognized artist, who uses a mixture of donated deceased animals, animal parts, recycled road kill, and non-animal materials for linkages.

In the small world department, Brewer was one of the exhibitors (along with several other artists and me, the lone full-time cryptozoologist) in the show, “Cryptozoology Out Of Time Place Scale” at the Museum of Art, Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and the H & R Block Artspace in Kansas City, Missouri, last year. Brewer critically acclaimed “rogue taxidermy” was shown in the exhibition, via her “Unicorn, 2005″ and “Northwoods Chimera, 2004″ contributions.
The above two photographs of Sarina Brewer’s exhibits at Bates College, 2006, were taken by Michelle Souliere of Strange Maine.

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