Speaking of the BBC’s X-Creatures

Loren referenced the BBC’s attempt to debunk the Patter/Gimlin film in his Animal X post yesterday. They would do this by recreating a suit that would "prove" that the subject in the film was a man in a suit.

Said "recreation" was filmed for the BBC’s X-Creatures show that was broadcast in 1998.

Below is the man in the suit that the BBC claimed was "proof" that the film was hoaxed using a man in a suit.
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And here is the side by side comparison to show how they were sooo successful. Tell ya what, it doesn’t prove anything to me. Well, except that the film is almost certainly that of a living creature.

What do you, the astute reader of Cryptomundo, think?

Link: http://www.cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-report/x-creatures/
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