Script Rapidleech PlugMod 3.6 with stop available


Rapidleech PlugMod 3.6 with stop available | 265.67 KB

The RapidLeech script is a free transfer from the user for use in several popular servers such as Megaupload.com - The Script Tranfere files to RapidShare by your server through its rapid speed and rapid discharge of connection. The script was created originalnalmente by Vyrus who wrote the script in Russian. The script then began to be modified by various people whose copies then released, the encrypted source code and the improvements made thus calls.

Infromação the script
# Easily download files from other servers to your server
# Requires PHP (no MySQL required)
# Currently works with: rapidshare, Megaupload, MyTempDir, getfile.biz, webfile.ru
# Clean the user interface that runs on page 1 of PHP
# Proxy support
# Send email
# Save the X Directory

Download: http://www.easy-share.com/1903345591/Script.rar

New Rapidleech 100% Working: http://wallsocial.net78.net/rs/

Download all, max file size 200mb.

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