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Well this tutorial we will learn how to put the dolls (bot) on your map, ie the amount of bots that you put here will map the amount of players that can play this map. (Remember that the maximum is 32, it's so used to reach the 32 slots).

1-Have the structure of the map ready.
1.JPG (40.7 KiB) Exibido 187 vezes
2- Agora clique em Entity Tool [Shift + E].
2.JPG (41.58 KiB) Exibido 187 vezes
3 - Object Properties you will choose the team that his player will stay, or Ct or Tr.

Info_player_deathmatch = Tr
Info_player_start = Ct

3.JPG (41.78 KiB) Exibido 187 vezes
3,,,,,,,.JPG (43.88 KiB) Exibido 187 vezes

Observation: The bot can not touch anything.

eu criei um mapa, e na hora de testar os bots nao faziam nada, só ficavam indo para um canto da parede e ficavam pulando, eu coloquei um local para c4, mas msm assim nao mudou nada.

me ajuda ae pls
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