Portable Mini-projector M100

Using the world's leading chip LCOS, high-definition resolution, in support of the resolution of 800 * 600,


Using a fixed focal length lens between the 10-40 inch size projection


Through the external power supply, power consumption of about 10W up to 30,000 hours lamp life, can withstand continuous playback time


M100 images using mini plug / audio input ports, the use of synthetic images with a single voice channel analog AV input interface


Built-in 200mW mini speaker, and support for video output of mobile phone, IPOD, video game consoles, digital TV set-top boxes. PC, VCD, DVD, has a high degree of compatibility.


Items Included:

* Portable Mini-projector M100 x 1
* Small tripod x 1
* AV cable x 1
* power charger x 1

Product Specifications:

* LCD projection technology: silicon LCoS display technology
* Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
* The maximum brightness of 20 lumens
* LED light bulb specifications
* 30,000 hours lamp life
* Projection size: (diagonal) 6 to 50 inches (about 15 ~ 127 cm)
* Projection distance : 21 ~ 180 cm
* Aspect ratio: 4:3
* Manual zoom lens
* AV source input terminal / external memory
* Speaker: stereo speakers (0.5 watts)
* Power Supply Power Supply: 5V, 2A
* Size: 56mm x 38mm x 62mm
* Small tripod: 170mm

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