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With a built-in camera and an advanced photo application, iPhone is the most photo-friendly phone ever. It takes snapshots, automatically syncs photos with your PC or Mac, displays albums with the flick of a finger and posts pictures directly to a MobileMe Gallery.
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Snap photos.
The iPhone camera snaps shots with a tap. Photos you take appear in the Camera Roll and they sync back to your computer the next time you connect. iPhone even geotags your photos with information about where they were taken


Sync photos.

iPhone uses iTunes to sync the photos you have in iPhoto on a Mac or Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop Album on a PC. All the photos on your computer sync to your iPhone, so you can look at them — and share them — anywhere you go.

Share photos.
Show thousands of photos from the palm of your hand. Rotate iPhone to see a photo in landscape. Pinch to zoom in or out. Drag to reposition. Email a photo to a friend, set it as your wallpaper or share it in a MobileMe Gallery.

Save photos.
If you run across a great image on the web — or get one in an email — save it to your photo library on iPhone. From there, it acts just like any other photo: You can set it as your wallpaper, share it on the web or pass it on.

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