With iPhone, making a call is as simple as tapping a name or number. All your contacts appear in a list you scroll through with a flick of your finger.
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Tap into calls.
Tap any phone number in Contacts, Favorites, an email, an SMS text message — or almost any other application — to make a call. If you have a lot of contacts, use the search feature to quickly find specific names. iPhone also makes it easy to talk to more than one person at the same time. With a tap, you can switch between calls or create a conference call.

Make contact.

Building your iPhone address book is simple. Contacts sync via iTunes each time you connect iPhone to your computer. You can even add contact information directly from Maps and SMS messages with just a few taps.

Answer in a pinch.
The stereo headset that comes with iPhone features a high-performance microphone — fitted with a windscreen for added clarity — that also serves as a Send/End button you pinch to answer or end calls.

Get push contacts for enterprise.
With support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, iPhone gives you push contacts and lets you access your company’s Global Address List.

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