Night Vision Goggles .003 LUX - 60 Meter Range + Video OUT

Night Vision Goggles .003 LUX - 60 Meter Range + Video OUT
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New Chinavasion night vision goggles for everyone who ever wanted to be just like Spec Op forces and operate in total darkness, available at a ridiculously low wholesale price in comparison with its abilities. With this spy gadget lovers dream, you not only will be seeing up to 60 meters away in total pitch black conditions, but with the PAL video OUT, you can connect to a PMP in your pocket with video IN and record everything you and the camera see. Throw in a AV IN to the mix for watching and listening to movies, adjustable focus and infrared brightness, a included long lasting rechargeable li-ion battery pack letting you move anywhere you want, and even the extra cool ability to swivel the camera up off your eyes just like they do in the movies, and you have one sexy piece of spy hardware. Perfect for so many situations, and available at a price to make you quiver with delight, this no MOQ item comes with a one year warranty and fast and secure delivery direct from the Chinese manufacturer to your door.
WARNING: Due to the nature of this product, the googles should NOT be turned on in normal light conditions, Chinavasion will not replace this unit if the tube has blown from light overload.
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China Manufacturer Specification

Sensor: SONY CCD (Black and White)
Lens: f=16mm F/0.95
Manual Lens Focus: 18.4 Inch to Inf
Angular Field of View: 21 deg
Minimum Illumination: 8 Built In Infrared LEDs- .003 LUX
Max IR Range: 50~60 Meters
Resolution: 500x582
Input/ Output
Video OUT: PAL (500x 582 CCIR)
3.5mm Earphone Jack
Power Source: DC 9V or Included External Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Dimension: Camera- 60x160x85mm (LxWxD)
Manufacturer Ref.: 10E9DZR0YHYI
Other Features:

Attached Remote:
Brightness Adjust
LED Brightness Adjust
Volume Adjust
Camera to Video Switch
Adjustable Headband Width
2 Joint Attachment for Camera to Headband
Camera Flips Up Over Head When Not in Use
Camera Slides Back to Comfortable Fit Over Eyes

x2 Eye Cups
Video OUT Cable
AV IN Cable
Cinch to Cinch AV Connector
Cinch to Cinch Camera to Power Adapter Connector
Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Power Adapter
Manufacturer and Origin: China
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