New Tron game on the way?

Fans of the Tron game last century (and Tron 2.0 in 2003) will be delighted to hear that Variety is reporting that a new Tron game is in the works, at Disney Interactive Studios.

This news has come just as Disney has recently laid off a lot of staff and closed some studios, however a new Tron movie is in the works so it may be the perfect time for it. There are no details on what the game will feature yet, but more news is sure to come over the coming months.

A spokesperson for Disney Interactive has declined to comment, but it's hard to imagine Disney not bringing out a new game.

Disney may be riding on the success of the early Tron game and hoping for the best, as they too have been hit by the economic woes of today, as they have cancelled a Turok sequel by closing the studio that produced it.

The new Tron movie is set for release in 2011, so expect the new game to be out around then.
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