New OTServer Demonic-world.hopto.org 24/7

Today I'd like to present an awesome Open Server that is Demonic-World.
All the adventures starts there!
We got a few good PvP teams that are waiting for you!
Cheap Donation Shop, it might be something interesting for you but don't worry - if you don't have or you don't want to spend money on OTS you can still take part in the many competitions!
We have added some new spells, you can see them only on Demonic-World.
Our server offers you multiple quests, from Fire Axe to Inquisition!
This OTS has second promotion system that gives you extra advantages, try it out!
Did you think that it's all what we have to tell about this server? You are wrong!
What are you waiting for? Visit our website, make an account and try out our awesome server! I promise you that you won't regret.

IP: Demonic-World.hopto.org
ACC: http://demonic-world.hopto.org/index.ph ... latestnews
Port: 7171
Client: Tibia 8.41/8.42

Rate Game
Loot: 2x
Skill: 25x
Magic: 15x
Spawn: 3x

Rate Experience
10-80 lvl 25x
81-150 lvl 20x
151-200 lvl 15x
201-300 lvl 10x
301-700 lv l8x
701+ lvl 5x [/CENTER]

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