Myanmar, Burma, Myanmar, Myanmar, or Burma (officially Union of Myanmar in Burmese, transl. Pjìdàunzṵ mjəmà nàinŋàndɔ) is a country of South Asia limited to the continental north and northeast by China, east by Laos, Thailand to the southeast, the south by the Andaman Sea and the _____ Canal, west by the Gulf of Bengal and the northwest by Bangladesh and India. In 2006, the country's capital was moved from Rangoon to Naypyidaw.

Burma became independent of Britain in January 4, 1948, with the official name of Union of Burma, a name which has adopted after a period as "the Socialist Republic of Union of Burma" (4 January 1974 to 23 September 1988). On June 18, 1989, the Burmese military regime announced that the official name of the country would be Union of Myanmar. The new name was recognized by the United Nations and the European Union but not by the governments of U.S. and UK [1].

The Burmese people had different role to set policy, history and demography of the country in modern times. Its political system is now kept under strict control of the State Peace and Development - the military government headed since 1992 by General Than Shwe. The Burmese army controlled the government since General Ne Win desfechou a coup in 1962 to overthrow the civilian government of U Nu. Of the British Empire until 1948, Burma continues to face ethnic tensions. The culture of the country is based on Buddhism teravada, tempered by local elements.
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