The Republic of Malta is a small European country, an archipelago made up of five islands very close, situated 93 km south of the island of Sicily, to the southwest of Italy, and 290 km north of Libya, Africa. The Maltese archipelago is stuck in the middle of the Mediterranean. The lands are all nearby Sicilian / Italian: a large island north of Sicily, the islands Pelágias the west and the island of Pantelleria in the northwest. Its capital - located on the island of Malta - Valletta is. The five islands of the Maltese archipelago are: Malta, Gozo, Comino and two uninhabited islets Cominotto and Filfla, which, in total, have surface of 316 square kilometers and a population estimated to harbor 400 214 inhabitants (August 2006).

Malta became part of the EU from 2004.
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