Email on iPhone looks and works just like email on your computer. With support for popular email servers and providers — including MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail and AOL — and most industry-standard IMAP or POP mail systems, iPhone puts email in your pocket.
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See it all.
iPhone supports rich HTML email, so images and photos appear alongside text. And you see email attachments in their original format, not as stripped-down versions. Rotate, zoom and pan in more than a dozen standard file and image formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; and also view iWork attachments.

Send fast.
iPhone recognises email addresses in different applications. If you run across an email address on a web page or a map listing, for example, just tap it and iPhone opens a new message with the address already in it.

Type smart.
The intelligent iPhone keyboard with built-in dictionary predicts and suggests words as you type, making it fast and easy to write email.

Get push email for enterprise.
Receive and respond to work email fast on iPhone. New support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync gives you push email that arrives automatically.

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