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I have made a falsifiable prediction about the human cerebellum based on my interpretation of certain Biblical metaphors. If you can falsify it, do so. Otherwise, your lame attempt at ridiculing my person is just that, lame. You wanted falsifiability, you’re gonna get it. Lots of it.

I commented:

Excellent. I expect to enjoy reading your research papers in neurobiological journals.

and he retorted with:

Forget it. I believe in going directly to the customer, i.e., the public whom you despise, but who ultimately pays for all science research. They are my peers. I’ll stay away from politically-correct publications, thank you very much. Like I said, see you around. And stay tuned. ahahaha...

More or less typical crank tactics - avoid peer review because, well, it’s inconvenient to actually have to argue with scientists. The good news is that there is a new journal that might be sympathetic to Savain's research. What makes Savain unique is the laughter. Lots of laughter. As he says later in the thread, "ahahaha... ahahaha... AHAHAHA... ahahaha... ahahaha..."

It turns out that Savain is also frequenting Uncommon Descent (as Mapou) where he states:

Indeed, the whole peer-review system was designed as a control mechanism intended to exclude a large part of humanity from taking part in the scientific enterprise. This is incompatible with the ideals of a democratic society, in my opinion. We did not get rid of one dictatorship to succomb [sic] under the tiranny [sic] of another.

That's like arguing the NFL draft is a tyranny because it prevents Joe Sixpack from playing on Sunday. What makes this even more amusing is that Savain then congratulates DaveScot for censoring a comment because UD is "not a public forum"!

Now Afarensis has stumbled across Savain’s latest prediction of the fall of Darwinism:

Assuming that the ID hypothesis is correct, one can argue that, since humans are the dominant species on earth, the designers must have had a special interest in us when they began their project. My hypothesis is that they are conducting an experiment, the purpose of which is to distinguish between believers and deniers. Given their vast intellect, it is certain that they anticipated the current conflict. If so, it is highly likely that they would have left us a secret message, a message so powerful that its mere publication would cause the collapse of the materialist fortress.

Anyone who has browsed Savain’s website will not be surprised to see that the secret message is left in no other scientific source than the Book of Revelation. Yes, that Book of Revelation. The one with the Seven-headed Beast and the Whore of Babylon. And horsemen.

This secret message will have a practical use - it will bring the demise of Darwinism. Savain continues:

My goal is to use my understanding of the metaphorical texts to design and build a true artificial intelligence. The Christian AI! It is only a matter of time. When that happens, the Darwinian walls will come crumbling down like the old walls of Jericho. Sweet revenge.

At this point you should be hearing the laughter in your head. Savain probably is.

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