Kiribati or Kiribati (in Gilbertese: Kiribati; AFI: [kiɾibas]), also graph Kiribati is a country of Micronesia and Polynesia which has a very wide area of the Pacific Ocean, but is very small in terms of land area.

Comprises several groups of islands, which are, from west to east, the island of Banaba, the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands and the equatorial Sporadic possessions except for some Americans to the north of the archipelago. It has maritime borders with the Marshall Islands, the northwest, with the possession of the United States of Howland and Baker Islands in the north, with the three possessions of the United States in sporadically, also the north (Kingman, Palmyra and Jarvis) with the French territory of French Polynesia, the southeast, with the possessions of the New Zealand Cook Islands and Tokelau in the south, with Tuvalu, also the south, and Nauru in the west. Its capital is Bairiki.

In March 2008, the country has the 3rd largest marine park world [1]. Less than three months later, on June 5, World Environment Day, its president Anote Tong, asked the international community to help evacuate the country before it disappears due to damage caused by global warming [2].
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