The intelligent, software-based iPhone keyboard does more than a physical keyboard ever could. It’s there only when you need it, it adapts to any application, and it changes its keys to support typing in 21 languages. All you do is tap.
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How it works.
While the keyboards on other mobile phones stay fixed in place, the iPhone keyboard adapts its keys and layout for different applications. With iPhone, you get exactly the right keyboard for the task at hand. And, the iPhone keyboard appears when you need it and disappears when you don’t — giving you more room to view websites, email, maps and video.

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Type accurately.
iPhone analyses keystrokes to suggest words as you type. It does this by employing complex mathematics to track the pattern of letters you type and match them to the pattern of other common words. iPhone uses a complete English dictionary to correct text, and it learns the words you type most often — including proper names and information from your contacts list.

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Type fast.
iPhone features a full QWERTY keyboard and gives you keys for every number and symbol with just a few taps. It speeds up typing by suggesting common contractions such as “can’t,” “don’t,” or “let’s.” And it lets you insert special characters and accents quickly: Just tap and hold a letter to see all of its possible forms. Slide your finger to the right one, and you’re done.

Type (or write) in your language.
The iPhone keyboard’s intelligent design allows you to switch between 21 international layouts with a single tap. iPhone also features sophisticated character recognition software that lets you draw a Chinese character with your finger and tap to choose the matching result.


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