Shop the iTunes Music Store over both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Choose from millions of DRM-free iTunes Plus songs. And pay the same price you do on iTunes on your computer.
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Buy on the fly.
On iPhone, you can access the iTunes Music Store over both mobile and Wi-Fi networks — and buy high-quality, DRM-free iTunes Plus songs. So no matter where you are, you can browse New Releases, What’s Hot and Genres. Take a look at Top Songs and Top Albums. Or find exactly what you’re looking for with a quick search. Play a 30-second preview of any song, then tap once to buy it. Your music starts downloading instantly and you can keep tabs on its progress by tapping the Downloads button. You can also access thousands of free podcasts on the iTunes Store, download them or stream them live via Wi-Fi or your mobile network.

Sync it back.
When you connect iPhone to your computer, the music you bought on the go syncs to your iTunes library. If you’ve only partially downloaded a song to iPhone, your computer completes the download automatically.

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