It’s the occupational hazard of being a cam

by Saud Abu Ramadan

GAZA Dodgers Mark Lowe Jersey , June 22 (Xinhua) -- Mohamed Ja'farawi, a 16-year-old secondary schooler in Gaza, dashed and then jumped through a flaming ring at a summer camp in Gaza city where the audience applauded and shouted "Allaho Akbar" (God is great).

A performance of acrobatic stunts was given by about 800 fellows of Ja'farawi during a graduation ceremony that ended a two- week paramilitary training course organized by Islamic Hamas movement that rules the Palestinian enclave.

Painting their faces with black and olive-green and wearing marine uniforms, the teenagers carried out a series of paramilitary shows for an audience that included political leaders and militants of Hamas' armed wing al-Qassam Brigades.

"This activity is part of the summer camp's program that Hamas runs in the Gaza Strip every year. We have around 100,000 participants aged between 10 and 18 Dodgers Manny Machado Jersey , 800 of them aged between 15 and 18," said Abu Mahdi, one of the course organizers.

At the opening of the graduation ceremony, all the graduates stood in a yard of the training camp divided in 16 squads, each led by an officer holding a flag saying a city in historical Palestine Dodgers Logan Forsythe Jersey , such as Ashkelon, Haifa and Beer Sheba.

"Hamas summer camp program provides the participants with arts, culture and sports as well as psychological and paramilitary training," Abu Mahdi told Xinhua, adding "teenagers aged between 16 and 18 are the best age to be taught how to act in war times and defend themselves."

He noted that Israel wages all kinds of military and intelligence wars on our people not only in Gaza Dodgers Kirk Gibson Jersey , but in all the Palestinian territories, adding "The Zionist entity (Israel) is educating their children that the land of Palestine belongs to the Jews and we educated our children that this land is ours."

Hamas, founded in Gaza in late 1987, is a militant group that took over the territory in mid-2007 by force. It suffered severely from information leaked by collaborators to Israel, which launched two major offensives against Gaza last November and in the winter of 2008-2009.

The last Israeli army operation "Could Pillar" on Gaza lasted for eight days leaving around 180 people killed Dodgers Kenta Maeda Jersey , including the commander of Hamas armed wing Ahmed Ja'bari, and ended after Egypt brokered a ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.

Abu Mahdi, one of the four Hamas militants that supervise the training course, said "the intelligence security officers of the Zionist occupation use the Internet websites such as Facebook and Twitter to recruit Palestinian teenagers to collaborate with them. "

Ihasn Abu al-Ouf, an 18-year-old graduate Dodgers Kenley Jansen Jersey , said their camp was named "Fajr al-Intisar," or the dawn of triumph, and "included heavy training on paramilitary activities such as how to fight and defend ourselves when there is a war or an attack."

A squad was ordered to stand in the middle of the yard while holding fake rifles made of wood. They presented a show on how to use a rifle during a gun battle in different positions, standing, sitting and even laying on backs or abdomens.

"The road toward the liberation of our occupied lands is not dotted with flowers and roses Dodgers Justin Turner Jersey , it is a very difficult road that is plagued by thorns," Abu al-Ouf told Xinhua, adding "joining wars anywhere needs good preparations and best training as well as good arms and weapons."

"The world should know we are not terrorists and we can never be. The issue is that we are people living under the occupation. The soldiers of the occupation are killing our fathers, our mothers and our children and we should do something to defend ourselves," said Ahmed Dodgers Julio Urias Jersey , another graduate.

Mahmoud al-Zahar, a senior leader of Hamas movement in Gaza told the graduates at the ceremony that he is proud of them. " These teenagers are not soldiers or al-Qassame Brigades militants.. . They are the army of the Palestinian people who will lead all of us to victory and we will pray with them at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem" one day.

that with experience comes the realization that being used is unpleasant, even if you are using the person back.”

In the do-it-yourself world of the cam sites, the girls choose exactly how much they want to reveal or conceal. “Some of the young girls really aren’t showing that much skin to be worried about it,” says Marissa. “They’re showing enough to have that Lolita-esque hint of desire. It teases vulnerable men – ‘Maybe if I buy her stuff Dodgers Joe Blanton Jersey , she’ll show me more.'”

But the Web has a way of making even the most straightforward picture of a 14-year-old caught on her webcam into a pornographic image. “Everything can be sexualized online because it all lies in your imagination,” says Marissa. Some webcam portal sites develop databases of hundreds of images lifted without always asking permission of the girls in the images. The sites mix nude images with photos of ordinary girls that are hardly suggestive at all.

It’s the mixing of soft-core porn with lifted photos that raises the ire of the webcam community. Daign of Daign, who specializes in writing bitchy reviews of webcam sites on his lunch hour at work, recently posted a call-to-arms to send hate e-mail to an especially egregious site: “Did you know that our friends over at the pedophile site . are back up? So nice that a bunch of 40 year olds are jackin it to your daughter’s webcam.”

“I think that these databases take undue advantage of the girls. The line for me is drawn when they are divorced from their personalities and become literal objects,” says Bridget Guildner.

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