IPhone - Maps with GPS

Find your location, get directions and see traffic — all from your phone. Maps on iPhone 3G combines GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile phone tower location technology with the Multi-Touch interface to create the best mobile map application ever.
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Find yourself.
iPhone 3G finds your location via GPS or by triangulating your position using Wi-Fi and mobile phone towers. Drop a pin to mark your location, bookmark it or share it with others via email. iPhone 3G also finds points of interest by keyword: Search for “coffee” and iPhone shows you every cafe nearby.

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Enjoy the view.
Just like Google Maps on your computer, Google Maps on iPhone lets you switch between views of map data, satellite images, hybrid view or street view. Multi-Touch makes the difference. Tap to Zoom, pan and change your view on the move.

Get directions.
Get directions to wherever from wherever. View a list of turn-by-turn directions or follow a highlighted map route and track your progress with live GPS tracking.

See traffic.
Maps on iPhone shows you live traffic information, indicating traffic speed along your route in easy-to-read green, red and yellow highlights.

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