How To Take Care Your Of Hair Wave In Summer?

You may be asked by your teacher, your parents or your friends when you are a child age that what is your favorite season? In my opinion, most of us will get response that summer is the best and i love the summer. Until now when i get the same question i still keep the same answer. That is the truth summer is the best season with sunning, beach, sea water, sea wind and plenty of ice cream. However wearing a weave in summer can get sweaty, bad smell even get sick. So how do you choose hair weave in summer and how to take care of them? Following we will discuss about that.

Summer is a great moment to have fun with virgin human curly hair. Why do i recommend the virgin human curly hair because curly hair wave like ‘ z’ shape that will give much free space between your virgin human curly hair and your original hair. In result you will not worry about the high temperature in your head. Even you can feel a little cool in it. The other reason why i recommend the virgin human curly hair lies in that they can regarded as one kinds of sunscreens used in summer to protect your head skin.

So let get back the topic now: how to take care of your hair wave in summer? The most important point you must keep in your mind about the question is the cleanliness. Cleanliness is very important for virgin human hair wave in summer.During these hot & humid summers, you have to take special care of your scalp because your hair can easily mildew the sweat and oils released from your body. You don’t need clean them everyday the frequency must be control in 2-3 days.

Let’s enjoy the summer

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