How to choose a wig that suits yourself better?

Nowadays it is difficult to recognize whether a woman wear a wig or not. Wearing a wig is a common ways that women can dress themselves up. Wig is popular among them who losing their hair due to cancer or medical treatments or who just want a new look such as a new hair style or a new color. Following we will discuss how to choose a wig that suits yourself better.

Step 1:Measuring your head circumference. Just like you must know your foot size before buy a pair of shoes you should know your head size before choose a wig. There are three basic size for women’s wig which is Petite,Average and Large.most women wear an average sized wig but if the average is not suits you you must know your head circumference . how to measuring your head circumference?The best way is to find someone to help you with a measuring tape. Trace all the way around your hairline begin with your forehead, behind the ears, to the nape of your neck and take it back to your another ear until meet the end of the measuring tape in front.
Step 2
:Choose hair type. In hair-dress speaking there are nothing more two kinds of hair: one is virgin hair or remy hair the other is synthetic hair.virgin hair is made of real hair so they are expensive and they need much maintenance if they are exposed in the rain they will lose their style.synthetic hair as to say it is not made of human hair. They are economical compared with virgin hair and easy to take care of .

Step 3
: Decide hair style and color.After finish step 1 and 2. The final steps is to decide the style and color of your wig

Following three steps above, dress you wig on, embrace your sunny life.
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