Hack of Silkroad Explanation

Hi I just found the hack silkroad gameguard which the fraud, he eh totally new and do not have gameguard q blokeie him, he does OQ? desblokeia td .. you change poses to level their characters, changing price of things .. etc. ..
Download>>>> http://rapidshare.com/files/71839356/charge-Hack.rar
USA for you:
Prime winrar then it is in case you do not have winrar eh Soh Baxae in http://www.baixaki.com.br
second-read it as some antivirus virus, is no more virus. case is not desispere therefore to be a hacker in the game as the antivirus threat more eh Soh antivirus since the break .. the other times that will work the first without having to desblokialo
third-open it after .. are 3 pictures that will begin to circumvent the gameguard .. then the first (h a story) you DEXA and it opens the game .. dexando up at the login .. where to log (write id and password) you change the picture for a second .. could give a thing eh travadinha more quickly .. ai in the second picture even if you log in and enter your character, if it occurred well .. he is already almost circumvented .. h and last thing you switch to the third picture (concert will give a travadinha of 3 sec or more pokinho Soh eh .. more waiting and ready) to exchange for 3 DPS photo you enter the game and wait 1 min (for which he is )

fourth and last step, you connect to the hack you have opened the q button on the Num Lock>>>> to connect the keyboard (if already connected do not need) then the number button 1 (can not be part of the keyboard. . q must be the calculadorinha of the>>>) connects you to shops and price change NPC, the 2 links you leveis and change of focus and general weapons .... 3 binds to both the 9 and all off .. prontinhu .. so easy and so good hack .. now eh Soh bedtime and rolarrrr!
PRA ALL GOOD GAME .. I hope you enjoy! (careful you are not banned)

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