Google loves ShoeMoney

It's the weekend, so let's relax a bit and talk about what ShowMoney's been up to lately. The AdSense forums have all been abuzz with the picture he posted recently of an AdSense cheque he received from Google last September. Here's the picture in question, click it to enlarge it and view the cheque in all its glory:
Yes, that's right, the cheque is for $132,994.97. Big bucks. Way, way out of my league. Now, there's been debate over how much Shoe actually spent to make that money, because those kinds of sums often involve a bit of creative AdSense arbitrage. I think I read somewhere that Shoe bought $40K in pay-per-click ads to generate that $132K in AdSense revenue. (And that doesn't count any other money he's making from other advertising and affiliate programs, which is surely just as substantial.)

This kind of cheque shows you why Google loves the big AdSense publishers so much and why Google's revenues are so high in general. Think about it… assuming Shoe spent $40K on AdWords (which is not a given, he also uses other ad programs, but let's do it for the sake of argument) to generate traffic to his sites, the fact that he make $132K in AdSense earnings means that Google actually made (assuming they're paying Shoe 60% of the actual AdSense revenues) $40K + $80K = $120K in revenue. In one month. AdSense arbitreurs must be a favorite publisher sub-type since Google gets to double-dip in the revenue-stream.

Shoe's a nice guy. Check out his blog, he happily shares much of his hard-earned knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. Behind that fat cheque is a guy who's worked hard to be where he is today. We can all learn from the master!

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