Download sXe 7.3 / sXe 7.3 for Servers

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sXe is a system for client / server. This prevents any program designed to make traps is charged on the game. This software is designed to work exclusively with the servers of Half Life 1. It is the type blocks wallhack cheats, speedhack, alias scripts, aimbots, hooks, ESP, non-collection, among others.

What has changed in New Update:
- Errors with Ddraw.dll, jueguen in OpenGL until the sea settled
- Errors with DAPxxxx.DLL, targeting errors in Frecuentes

Cliente sXe 7.3

[attachment=1]sXe Injected 7.3.rar[/attachment]
Server sXe 7.3
sXe Injected Server 7.3.rar
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sXe Injected 7.3.rar
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sXe Injected never works! Where are some cheats for him!

Essa Materia ñ ta com nada ^^

Esse negocio faiz oq?

faiz oq uhshusahus
olha o nome s.x.e anti xiters ?
oq sera que faiz ?

ta 8.0 oO nen tendi
By :mix pontinho;

Pontinho <3 escreveu:7.3?
ta 8.0 oO nen tendi
By :mix pontinho;
pesebeu o ano da postagem???

oq sera que faz ... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk



xandinhoo escreveu:oq sera que faz ... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
deve ser um aimbot
ou wall
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