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The Internet has been updated daily and with this, the facilities to enjoy their content are increasing. Speaking of content, without doubt, the Internet is a place where you can find everything - or almost everything - on any subject. As the network has been modified, are increasingly visible and present in our day-to-day new forms of interaction with the sites you visit. Now you can only be a service with content sent by users, for example, YouTube.
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As the Internet has stratospheric dimensions, is not always possible to keep updated with the content of all our favorite sites. Fortunately, for those who love to know everything, an innovative service that is available to any site where a new post, users are informed at first hand. This service is called Feeds. For you know more about it, read the article "What are Feeds."

So you can receive the updates of their favorite sites, you must sign up for an RSS feed reader. There are numerous options for programs that perform this task, but there is one - of the powerful Google - that deserves attention: Google Reader. In this article, you will learn how to use most of the functions of the RSS reader used by fanatics for more news and the news or just want to be connected to everything that is happening.

Are you registered?
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So you can enjoy the feed reader, you must have registration, but this goes for any other service from Google. If you already have, you can stay calm, but if you do not, it is very easy and fast to register. To register, open the page of Google Reader and click on "Create a Google Account."

Getting Started

As you enter the service, you can observe that there is a large blank space in the center of the screen and some options located on the left and, with them is that you will start to take the first steps. The logic of a reader of feeds is simple, because all you need do is register a site - as long as he offers this service - and start receiving your updates in one place.

Adding Content
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To put a player on your site, first click the "Add Subscription". A small search bar will appear, and it is possible to enter the URL of the page you want to register or enter any content in their interest, for example, computers.

Soon after entering a keyword or paste the URL, a list of all search results are displayed in the center of the screen. To enroll in the service of any RSS site, click "Subscribe". You're done! That page is already tuned to your Google Reader, or the whole time she received an update you will be informed about the new content.
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Create your folders content

At the time of entering a site in RSS reader you can choose to create folders related to the subject of each page and thus always have their news grouped and organized by theme. To perform this action there is no secret, because once you enter a site, a button says "Add a folder" is displayed.
Click it to create files for each topic of interest. In the case of Baixaki, folder is an example of "Information Technology", but you can create on any other subject.
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After this action, everything that you add as feed will be available on the left side of the screen as if they were shortcuts. Note that there are numbers next to each page, it means that he is the number of unread items.

Your settings

Like any service, Google Reader you can set some options according to your preference, so there are some menus located on the left side of the screen. From them, you can give all their stories, share feeds with comments made by you and give as is their habit to use the player.
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To start, let's talk about the menu "All items". When you click this option, you can see all the news that you've seen in chronological order and the number next to this option also symbolizes the number of new feeds received. As previously mentioned, this menu you can read all the news sent to you, but you can choose how you want to view them by going to the "Show: Expanded - List." Check the bottom as is the view in each of the options.
Expanded view
Display List

In the "Starred items" you can see or review all received the news that you've marked as favorites, or the best articles, news, articles or posts. To signal a Feed starred, note that beside each one, there is a star in the background. Feed that to set as a favorite, click on the star and, automatically, it will be inserted in this menu.
Your Stuff

In the "Your Stuff" there are more options for settings and menus to get more and better services to Google. In option "Shared items", you can give all the feeds that you shared with more users of the service. To share stories, note that there are links below each feed, and with them you can perform various tasks, such as Star, Share, Share with observation, email, and keep as unread Edit Tags.
In option "Share", you allow more users read their favorite feeds and "Share with note" you provide your feeds, but may issue a comment about it.
In the "comments" you can see everything you have said in their posts and shared with users of the Reader. In the "Trends" is where you can review its conduct in relation to the use of the service, or through graphs and statistics you track which issues are most interesting to you, the number of new entries or statistics to read feeds.

With whom you can share

In "Share settings" you can define what your contacts - Gmail - may or may not, receive feeds you submit. Click on this option, configure and select the people who deserve to know all the news you receive.
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Not like that name? Then change

Usually the sites that provide services in RSS subscriptions have similar names but different content, for example, and Baixaki Baixaki Games. If you want to change the name "Baixaki Games" for "Games of Baixaki" you can, just click on "Manage subscriptions" - and the bottom on the left. A screen will open this equals:
From there, you can change the name of the feed, delete it, change the folder to which he belongs, for example. If you already have membership in another feed reader, but want to switch to Google Reader has no problem, just click "Settings" tab and open the "Import and Export" and follow the instructions given by the service.

Without doubt, the RSS feeds help - and all - the life of any Internet user, because the time spent in checking for new content on each site that interests us, in fact, it consumes much time. With an RSS reader, you no longer need to worry about every day to access the pages you like behind news, because with this type of service, the news come to you. Take that Google offers a great player, RSS feeds totally free and not lose any more of their new favorite sites.

Source: http://baixaki.ig.com.br/info/1107-como ... reader.htm

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