David After Dentist After REMIX

David, an American boy of 7 years, had its day of fame on this Tuesday (3) on the Internet. Everything after his father put a video on YouTube where he appears under the anesthetic to take effect in the dental chair.

Watch the video: David at the Dentist (see subtitled in Spanish)

In the video, David asks the father if he continues "real life" and the effect of the drugs will last forever. On YouTube, the father of the boy explains that David is well and you recorded the video because the child was nervous before going to the dentist to extract a tooth.

Posted on January 30, the video ended up on blogs of success around the world on Tuesday and caused a wave of creation of new versions. Some of the phrases used by the boy, as "this is real life", were repeated in social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

A YouTube user has created a remixed version of the video of David, making the "journey" of young anesthetized in music style Miami bass, "the famous" pancadão. Another changed the image of a cartoon.

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