Cool Fake Sasquatch/Bigfoot Skull

Behold, the skull of the Sasquatch!

The oft rumoured missing link, shadowy denizen of the Rocky Mountains and northern America states, has been an enigma for many years. The most cited arguement contrary to his existence has been the lack of physical evidence; be it scat, fur, or bones.

Well we here at Fiendish have the ultimate proof, the skull of the wild man of the woods himself!

This durable, resin cast polyurethane skull is made from a clay scultpture produced by our anthropological experts who attempted to combine human and ape osteo-phenotypes. Note the saggital crest, the cranial grooves, and the oversized jawbone.

Each specimen is hand painted, and can appear as a museum quality skull, or as if just dug out of a peat bog.

Price: $100

link: http://www.cryptomundo.com/bigfoot-repo... -bs-skull/
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