Canada is a country located in the North America. It is as the bigger country of the world in territorial extension, being surpassed only for Russia. Canada occupies practically all the half north of the North American continent, having as only country to make it verge the United States of America, as much to the south (the 48 contiguous states) as to the northwest (with the state of the Alasca). To the north the Arctic ocean bes situated, the west, the Pacific ocean, and the east, the Atlantic Ocean and Greenland. Its capital is the city of Ottawa. Canada is a federacy, presenting as government form a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy as system politician. One consists of ten provinces and three territories. The head of State of the country is queen Elizabeth (Isabel) II of the United kingdom - a symbol of the historical bows of Canada with the United kingdom - and the government is directed by first-ministers. The current first-minister of Canada is Stephen Harper. Canada got its
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independence in 1 of July of 1867, of the United kingdom, through the union of three British colonies, the Province of Canada (current Ontário and Quebec), the New Brunswick and the New Escócia. The Department of state of Canada, however, continued to be controlled for the United kingdom. In 1931, according to terms of the Statute of Westminster, Canada acquired sovereignty on its Department of state, and any act approved for the Parliament of the United kingdom would not have effect in Canada without the assent of this. Any powers and rights that the United kingdom possuía on Canada in the paper had been removed in Canada Act (or Loi of 1982 sur le Canada in Frenchman) of 1982. The gentílico of the country is Canadian (in Brazil) or Canadian () (in Portugal). Canada is a country of low population density, with its 32 million inhabitants distributed in an area of nine million kilometers approximately squared, what it represents only 3,5 habitantes/km ². About 75% of its population it lives in the south of the country, more accurately, in a band of approximately 150 kilometers of width to the north of the south border of Canada with the United States, that if extends since the Atlantic Ocean until the Pacific Ocean, while the north of the country is barely town due to its severe climate. Canada is considered one of the countries most multicultural of the world. Having been colonized for English Frenchmen and, about 45% of the population of Canada it possesss English, Scottish or Irish ancestry, and approximately one room of the population of the country possesss some degree of French ancestry.
The United States are the biggest economic partner of Canada. Because of its great population and of its greater to be able economic and cultural influence, the United States very possess a strong presence in the economy and the culture of Canada - even so many Canadians fight so that proper they are main the responsible ones for the control of the economy of its country, and to keep the Canadian culture, that since the start of century XX has been sufficient associate with the United States culture.

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