Bruno Senna to join Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in 2009?

Bruno Senna to join Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in 2009?

Corporate vultures circle around Senna II
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Bruno Senna is not yet an F1 driver but heavyweight sponsors are already lining up to make him the richest non-F1 driver in history. The young Brazilian has just signed a deal with Hilton Hotels to be one of its brand ambassadors. Senna Jnr is in good company: Lewis Hamilton is also a brand ambassador for the chain.

It’s clear Hilton are buying potential here, sticking a flag in Planet Senna before their rivals can claim a piece of him. They are also buying into the Senna name.

Is it presumptuous to think that Senna’s Hilton deal might foretell the Brazilian moving to McLaren next season, to be a test driver? After all, Hilton are one of McLaren’s corporate partners - it’s possible that this deal offers a huge clue that Senna will be McLaren’s test driver in 2009. We’ll see.

And a Senna/Hamilton line-up for 2010 would be a marketing man’s wet dream. Move over Heikki Kovalainen?

Anyhow, enough speculation for now. Here’s what else we know about Senna’s Hilton deal:

In his new role Senna will write an exclusive column for the HiltonRacing.com website as well as undertaking a range of marketing engagements for Hilton Hotels.

“I am absolutely delighted to have joined the Hilton Family and feel privileged to be working with such a recognised brand,” Senna said, on-message from the start. “I look forward to working with them over the coming months off track whilst I continue to work hard on track.”

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