Body Wave or loose wave?

When come into hair extension area, you may get confused with hair extension products. It is hard to decide which one suits you better cause there are many issues you must considerate first such as which kinds of hairstyles to opt? Straight hair, body wave, loose wave, deep wave or curly. And which kinds of color to choose? Body wave and loose have some similar feature but which one is better or which one suits you appearance better? That we will discuss following.
Body wave is a loose type of curly hair that looks really natural and it flows very nicely like a “s” pattern. They are neither completely straight hair nor curly hair. They lines a medium place of them. Due to the misunderstand, body wave hair may sometime to be referred as Brazilian hair even though it is not true. The only problem you need to worry with getting them is that the curls will to be relax and to be disappeared after a long time use without propel care. However it still a option for you if you are bored with your straight hair.
Loose wave hair are similar with body wave in texture, it is a very loose curly hair like it’s name shows. The big difference between body wave hair and loose wave hair lies in loose wave hair doesn’t flow natural like a “s” pattern, it flows more loose like the name shows us. It is made by using a larger roller and that is the reason why it’s so relaxed and soft. They can be used in changing different hairstyles.
Body wave hair or loose wave hair no matter which you like, both of them need your properly care.
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