AYRTON SENNA a Donington Park (1993 F1)

"That race told me all I wanted to know. That was all what I wanted to prove to myself"

Donington 1993 - Last Lap + Podium (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Ayrton Senna kept many memories from his career. Some of them were material things; like the paper where Frank Williams scraped Senna´s times at his first test in a F1 car, 10 years ago, at Donington. Senna described that victory like this:

"Hard rain. I started in 4th, but the 1st lap was a psychology shoot to other drivers. Schumacher made me put two wheels outside track, but I overtook the German before the 1st curve came. Then I went after Damon Hill, and overtook him at the curve's breaking. The next victim would be Prost. I waited by the double S curves but he reduced the speed before the usual, so I went through him. With 18 laps the track was dry and everybody went to boxes to changes to slickers tires. I did not. I put pedal to metal in order to escape from Williams, but I was in a hard situation, because is dangerous to go fast in a wet track with dry tires. But if I went carefully the tires would lose pressure and temperature and the car would lose tack. I also had problems at my 3rd pit stop, where they had problems to change a rear wheel, and it seemed to me a long time. When I wanted to put wet tires the radio did not work, so they did not hear me and I passed through pit without stop. And to increase the suspense, they told me that I had problems with fuel. As my fuel tank leaked and there was no time to repair, it was sealed, what meant that I could not refuel. As the fuel was in the limit, I have changed my way of driving, changing gears at low RPMs, speeding up after a curve and breaking wheels very carefully. WOW! Was like that how I finished winner and very tired at the end of all 76 laps, one lap in front of Professor Prost."

"He must be a monster, he must be a genius, he must be from another planet."

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