American nuclear bomb if lost in Greenland

The United States ' perderam' a nuclear bomb in the ice in the region north of Greenland in an accident with one of its bombers, has 40 years, denounced the BBC. In the photo, seen aerial of continental ice plate in
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As documents that were confidential, gotten thanks to ' Freedom of Information Act' (American law that allows that the federal agencies disclose its documents), the Americans had never obtained to locate the bomb, although the searches carried through close to the air base of Thule, where in 1968 one hunts strategical B-52 fell on board with four nuclear bombs. The base of the Thule, most northern of the Air Force of the United States and great strategical importance, was constructed in full cold war, at the beginning of years 50. It was an important link in the chain of radars of the Norad (system of monitoring of the American airspace), foreseen to detect any launching of Soviet missiles. In 21 of January of 1968, a B-52 fell in the ice to some kilometers of Thule and the investigating ones had only obtained to recoup three of the four nuclear bombs.

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