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New document: 468 x 60 pixels. Fill canvas with colour #6aa02b
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Make a new layer and make white your foreground colour.

Select the "Gradient tool" and select the "white > transparent" gradient as shown in the second picture.
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Hold shift and drag from the top to just over a one 3rd of the document.

Set the layer mode to "Overlay"
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Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool and make a curve edge on the far right side of the banner
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Make a new layer and fill the selection in with white. Press CTRL+D to deselect.

Bring up the blending options.
And now you should have:
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Now select half of the current layer.
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Make a new layer, fill the selection in with white and change the opacity to 17% This should give it a bit of a shine.
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Now type the initials of your host name, for example purposes I did zh - zymichost and I used the font Dungeon (comes with XP)
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Change the text colour to #2f2f2f

Use this blending style for stroke.
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Make a selection like below. Make a new layer and drag it underneath all the other layers so it's all behind. Fill it in with white.
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Now give the layer this stroke

Now using the gradient tool make a gradient similar to below.
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Insert an image of some servers, perhaps shadow it slightly.
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Use the Rounded Reqtangle Tool and make a shape like below
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Bring up the blending styles:
Inner Glow .. Click Here
Bevel & Emboss .. Click Here
Gradient Overlay .. Click Here
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Now add some text and what your company offers. I added a few touches such as a border etc. Other Colours:
Link: http://www.zymic.com/tutorials/photosho ... st-banner/

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Até que enfim, um tutorial bom.
Adoro tutoriais com imagens e com os devidos créditos, mostra que você foi atraz e se enteressou.
Parabéns, bom tutorial.

Muito bom o resultado Leandro!

Ótimo tópico!

uso bastante esse tuto!
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