AddOns Smirnoff Zombie Plague v 4.07 for Counter Strike

Hack again?!

Hack again?!

How do i change the language?

aa até que num é ruim :D

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mdk escreveu:Posta ai então destemido

Leandro escreveu:Content:
> AmxModx 1.8.1
> HL-Booster 2.4.0
> HL-Guard 1.8.0
> Metamod 1.19.0
> WebMod 0.48
> Zombie Plague 4.07
> PodBot 2005
> The key H Binds
> CFG reduction Lag (Made By Leandro)

Maps ZM (Most Played)
New Classes
Skins unique to the admin
New Skins
CFG Anti-Lag (She is turned alone)

Top Plugins:
zombie_plague407.amxx; Claims With Smirnoff AddOns (by Nicholas)
zp_smirnoff01.amxx; sound environment zombie.
zp_smirnoff02.amxx; shows an approximation of the zombies on radar.
zp_smirnoff03.amxx; Class Of Zombies. (Some Modified)
zp_smirnoff04.amxx; nuclear explosion.
zp_smirnoff05.amxx; Sound of the Heart In humans. (where it has little life)
zp_smirnoff06.amxx; Armor Against Zombies.
zp_smirnoff07.amxx; Flashlight Not Erase. (infinite)
zp_smirnoff08.amxx; Human Pulam Most High.
zp_smirnoff09.amxx; Zombie Scale Walls.
zp_smirnoff10.amxx; pulam Zombies in the air.
zp_smirnoff12.amxx; Mina laser (say / lm or bind p)
zp_smirnoff11.amxx; thunder and lightning in MAP.
zp_smirnoff13.amxx; lets you change the brightness of the map.

Plugins Normal:
zp_smirnoff14.amx; settings Rate.
zp_smirnoff15.amxx; Announces the entry of a player.
zp_smirnoff16.amxx; Explanation of Granada (Smoke, Flash or Granade)
zp_smirnoff17.amxx, who have more than 200 ping is kikado.
zp_smirnoff18.amxx; Select the Language EN-US Automatically.
zp_smirnoff19.amxx; indicates the damage caused.
zp_smirnoff20.amx; When Connecting the music.
zp_smirnoff21.amxx; ads.
zp_smirnoff22.amxx; shows the location of the player.
zp_smirnoff23.amxx; secondary weapon in the back.
zp_smirnoff24.amxx; impact of the 12 most realistic.
zp_smirnoff25.amxx; Icon of the gun.
zp_smirnoff26.amxx; Find out who is watching the play.
zp_smirnoff27.amxx; Kika players who are away.
zp_smirnoff28.amxx; NVG for spectators.
zp_smirnoff29.amxx; Vote to ban players with / voteban.

* To disable it put the ";" in front.

Done addons and edited by Leandro
Source: Forum AlliedMods
Several H With key Binds

Game modes:
> Swarm
> Survivor
> Nemesis
> Infection
> Plague

Binds to you:
bind "F2" amxmodmenu "(or tech H)
bind "p" + setlaser "

Using the patch 23.
Uninstalling the addons that you already have (if) or delete the folder porquue question bug.

The installation is scheduled for the walk of all PC's

C: \ Program Files \ valve \ cstrike

more if its path is another change it.

Download information:
Size: 15.875 KB
Download: Host 4Shared

Download here
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