AddOns Smirnoff To Counter Strike v3.0

> AmxModX
> Booster
> Metamod
> Swds.dll barnacles (Sv listed)
> CFG reduction Lag
> Bins in key H
> sXe Injected 7.0 (More on State OPTIONAL)
> Bot's

Swds.dll barnacles (Sv listed)
CFG reduction Lag

|---------- Plugins Smirnoff CS Enabled ------------- |
smirnoff_01.amxx; automatically selects the language.
smirnoff_02.amxx, who have more than 150 ping is kikado.
smirnoff_03.amxx; Kika the aways.
smirnoff_04.amxx; Displays the time of C4 to explode.
smirnoff_05.amxx; shows traces of bullet.
smirnoff_06.amxx; the Parachute Jump. (p purchase).
smirnoff_07.amxx; shows the damage caused.
smirnoff_08.amxx; Drop the C4 turn 15 seconds away.
smirnoff_09.amxx; Drop the money when you die.
smirnoff_10.amxx; The flash does not blind when it is shot by the team.
smirnoff_11.amxx; allows the plant C4 on the wall.
smirnoff_12.amxx; The money is shared equally the round.
smirnoff_13.amxx; Grief of blades when it gets semi-automatic 1x1.
smirnoff_14.amxx; Several utilities (set in amx_super.cfg)
smirnoff_15.amxx; shows when someone enters the server.
smirnoff_16.amxx; The bomb is lit,
smirnoff_17.amxx; Weapons secondary is shown in the back.
smirnoff_18.amxx; Shows Head shot in slow motion.
smirnoff_19.amxx; esverdiada The screen is when your life is low.
smirnoff_20.amxx; When someone dies their bombs are down.
smirnoff_21.amxx; allows betting on a player.
smirnoff_22.amxx; open the driver's player
smirnoff_23.amxx; much blood.
smirnoff_24.amxx; Swap name when you're dead
smirnoff_25.amxx; shows in his stats center of the screen
smirnoff_26.amxx; Sell Arms
smirnoff_27.amxx; Display spec's what they are seeing you play
smirnoff_28.amx; Perfect Sound
smirnoff_29.amx; Set the rate (less lag)
smirnoff_30.amxx; Stats says that when you kill someone in the air, water, varado, etc. (Like the amxmod)
smirnoff_31.amxx; Anti say the xiter
smirnoff_32.amxx; Type / admin and see the online admins
smirnoff_33.amxx; Bunnyhop in all players (works with SxE)
smirnoff_34.amxx; Admin all the chat le and has a different color (the color amx_color DEFINE)
smirnoff_35.amxx; hostages are intelligent
smirnoff_36.amxx; Take the hostages at distance
smirnoff_37.amxx; hostages not take shots
smirnoff_38.amxx; Type in say / songs and listen to a radio
smirnoff_39.amxx; flea of bullets
smirnoff_40.amxx; Explode skeletons and more blood
smirnoff_41.amxx; Aim in a spray and see who pixou
smirnoff_42.amxx; music in loading
smirnoff_43.amxx; gun icon in the left corner of the screen
smirnoff_44.amxx; Overflow HE, Flash and Smoke with gunfire
smirnoff_45.amx; Triple explosion of HE
smirnoff_46.amx; Count Qts you kill in the Round
smirnoff_47.amxx; allows you to BAN admin when not on t / voteban
smirnoff_48.amxx; Anti word
smirnoff_49.amxx; force the players to fall arquivoss
smirnoff_50.amxx; the plan] Yer is being sought as
smirnoff_51.amxx; plugin mix of very bommmmmm
smirnoff_52.amxx; AWP shakes
smirnoff_53.amxx; dies with effect

|-------- Plugins Smirnoff CS Disabled --------- |

; smirnoff_54.amxx; the tapas of damage in Campers.
; smirnoff_55.amxx; The shots are colored.
; smirnoff_56.amxx; Provides purchase of a bazooka to.

* To disable it put the ";" in front.

Done addons and edited by Leandro
Source: Forum AlliedMods
Several H With key Binds

Binds to you:
bind "F1" amxmodmenu "(or tech H)
bind "p" "buy_parachute"

Using the patch 23.
Uninstalling the addons that you already have (if) or delete the folder porquue question bug.

The installation is scheduled for the walk of all PC's

C: \ Program Files \ valve \ cstrike

more if its path is another change it.

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